Franchising in the Third World

How Some New Entrepreneurs are Changing the Face of Health Care in Rural Kenya

The entrepreneurial spirit can truly save lives and have a major impact to help improve the quality of life all around the world. In particular, healthcare franchising in Kenya and other developing nations is already making a major difference in providing services and care previously not available to the general population. New franchising concepts and expanding services truly enable us to change people’s lives all around the world.

This is due to a variety of reasons, but, it also reminds me of the core differences and challenges a prosperous franchise system must evaluate BEFORE beginning to consider franchising internationally to insure the well-being of all parties. Every country has key differences in virtually every aspect of business and franchise systems. So, before entering a new country, a franchise really needs to do their homework. Assess the core differences in each country and determine the most appropriate countries where your healthcare services can truly make a difference—-NOT simply to enable world travel or claims of global appeal.

From experience, the core criteria to begin international franchising evaluation should include looking at the following infrastructure conditions and rank comparatively: legal, tax, healthcare system, governmental & regulatory, cultural, demographic, societal, labor market, acceptance of services and financial potential to BOTH your master and unit franchise owners just to start. Gainful healthcare franchise systems can make a tremendous difference in the lives of many around the world. Be sure to enter international markets with advance research, extensive planning and experience so to deliver the very best outcomes to every client.