Why Choose FirstLight®

Our Home Care Franchise Is Defined by Our Culture

At FirstLight Home Care, caring is our calling. We believe in the power of connecting with others and love supporting people, be it our owners, our clients, or our caregivers. Our franchise offers owners the opportunity to take control of their future and the freedom that comes with being their own boss, yet that is only the start. Our franchise also offers the chance for people to find more purpose in their lives and make a difference in their communities.

Our home care franchise is not designed for everyone. FirstLight is for someone with a higher calling, someone who is driven by their “why”, someone who has a passion to make an impact on the lives of others. For those who fit this description, FirstLight is where you belong.

We Offer Unrivaled Experience

The team at FirstLight has over 100 years of combined experience in the caregiving industry and over 200 years of combined experience in franchising. Not many, if any, franchises can offer this level of experience and understanding of both our industry and the franchise process. When you join our family, you’ll be backed by a top-notch leadership team that truly cares about your success. We understand the risk and rewards of making a business grow and have experienced leaders focused on every aspect of the franchising process.

Industry-Leading Support & Responsiveness

From our Flight School new owner training to our weekly ongoing support, FirstLight franchisees are never alone in their journey. Our comprehensive training and ongoing support include everything from online and in-person training to hands-on learning to virtual support and in-person visits. Our Culture of Care extends beyond the individuals we serve. We also want our owners and caregivers to feel fully supported and have all the tools and knowledge they need to thrive with our company.

FirstLight® Stands Out from Our Competitors

We may not be the only home care franchise, but we certainly set ourselves apart from the rest. Several key differentiators make our franchise a step above the rest.

Our Culture of Care

Our biggest differentiator is our Culture of Care. We are more than just a provider of in-home care services. We believe in forming connections with our clients and hiring caregivers who are passionate about caring for others. Our Culture of Care is more than just an idea – it’s a set of systems and processes that are designed to maximize caregiver retention and client satisfaction.

In order to provide quality, compassionate care, we have to ensure our caregivers themselves are taken care of. That’s why our Culture of Care puts a focus on their needs.

We make sure caregivers:

  • Get the hours they need each week
  • Feel appreciated and heard
  • Have continuous opportunities to learn and grow
  • Are paid fairly
  • Are well-matched with clients to ensure success in the relationship
An Industry Leader in Caregiver Retention

Our goal is to be an industry leader in caregiver retention and an employer of choice among caregivers as a result of our Culture of Care.

Our Launch Specialist & Direct Licensure Support

To ensure our new franchise owners are fully set up for success, we provide them with a dedicated Launch Specialist to guide them toward their grand opening. Our Licensure Specialists help speed up the process of obtaining licenses. Both of these roles are unique to FirstLight, as we believe that the opening process requires a different focus than the everyday management of a business. That’s why we provide support that is singularly focused on opening your home care business.

Our 7 Touchpoints Program

FirstLight takes a much different approach to ensuring both client and caregiver satisfaction with our touch service approach. Every new client is “touched” seven times in the first three months of receiving home care services from our team. The first touchpoint is during the intake call, which is followed by an in-home assessment. We then check in before and after the first caregiver shift as well as at the end of the first week and end of each month afterward.

Our goal is to make sure every caregiver feels like they’ve been set up for success in their relationship with the client, and for the client to feel that you’ve taken the time and energy to select and place the right caregiver in their home.

Our Founders’ Vision

When we founded FirstLight in 2010, we didn’t yet have a name for the kind of culture we wanted to create. We knew we wanted to give seniors, and everyone else who could benefit, a better option for home care—but there was something more to it than that. From the start, we have always been a company of listeners, helpers, and good friends.

That’s where our Culture of Care comes from.

At FirstLight, we are all caregivers. Our team members care for each other. It’s the support and resources given to our leaders. It’s the training opportunities and acknowledgments given to our helpers. The high rate of satisfaction within FirstLight isn’t just a data point—it’s a way of life.

We have now grown to nearly 200 locations, all of which are franchised, and we’re still growing. Our team is happy, productive, and achieving great things in communities across the country. Our clients are exceptionally well cared for and their families are at ease.

Every year, we say that it’s an exciting time for FirstLight. It always is. No one else in the industry is doing what we’re doing, and that need for quality care we saw in 2010 isn’t going anywhere.

Our Culture of Caring is catching on.

A Dedication to Serving Others That We All Share

  • Caring Community Leader

    Perhaps you’re tired of the daily grind of working jobs that serve someone else’s vision. Instead, you want to make a real, positive impact on your community. You are excited to serve others in a meaningful way.

  • Individual Who Has Been On the Other Side

    You’ve experienced firsthand the challenges that come along with having a family member age in place. You have seen the real difference excellent at-home care makes and you want to provide that to others.

  • Family Creating Something Together

    You are siblings, a married couple, or a parent-child team ready to share your gifts with others. Your cohesive teamwork and strong relationship will set you up for growth and fulfillment.

  • Nurse Who’s Ready to Work for Themselves

    You are an RN or similar professional who sees the incredible value of non-medical home care. You are ready to forge your own professional path, sharing your knowledge and talents with the community on your own terms.

  • The Driven Entrepreneur Looking for Purpose

    You are an established business person who is tired of corporate buzzwords and profits over people. You are ready to start giving back to the community, all while utilizing the skills you’ve cultivated over your years of experience.

    Do you see yourself in one of the above profiles? Perhaps you embody a few of these attributes. Either way, if you’re a driven, compassionate entrepreneur who is looking to build a future for yourself through helping others, we invite you to speak with our senior care franchise development team to learn more about our opportunity.

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