Potential Earnings

Make a Living & Help Others with Our Home Care Franchise

One of the first things prospective owners want to know about our home care franchise is how much they can potentially make. Of course, this number will depend on several factors. However, we have compiled some numbers to give you an idea of what to expect if you become an owner. To better understand FirstLight® Home Care by the numbers, here are some data points from our 2024 franchise disclosure document. Your individual results may differ.

Which One Are You?

  • Caring Community Leader

    Perhaps you’re tired of the daily grind of working jobs that serve someone else’s vision. Instead, you want to make a real, positive impact on your community. You are excited to serve others in a meaningful way.

  • Individual Who Has Been On the Other Side

    You’ve experienced firsthand the challenges that come along with having a family member age in place. You have seen the real difference excellent at-home care makes and you want to provide that to others.

  • Family Creating Something Together

    You are siblings, a married couple, or a parent-child team ready to share your gifts with others. Your cohesive teamwork and strong relationship will set you up for growth and fulfillment.

  • Nurse Who’s Ready to Work for Themselves

    You are an RN or similar professional who sees the incredible value of non-medical home care. You are ready to forge your own professional path, sharing your knowledge and talents with the community on your own terms.

  • The Driven Entrepreneur Looking for Purpose

    You are an established business person who is tired of corporate buzzwords and profits over people. You are ready to start giving back to the community, all while utilizing the skills you’ve cultivated over your years of experience.

    Do you see yourself in one of the above profiles? Perhaps you embody a few of these attributes. Either way, if you’re a driven, compassionate entrepreneur who is looking to build a future for yourself through helping others, we invite you to speak with our senior care franchise development team to learn more about our opportunity.

*Please see item 19 from our most current Franchise Disclosure Document for additional information.

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