What Does the Home Care Industry Look Like and How Do We Fit In?

If you’re thinking you’d like to enter the home care industry by opening a senior care franchise, we say, good for you! Ours is a robust and vital industry that currently meets the needs of millions of people every year and shows no sign of slowing down. But if you’ve done your homework, you know that when it comes to deciding on a brand to invest in, there are numerous names to choose from, which makes it essential to partner with the right one. Not all senior care franchise brands are created equal, but we’re convinced after you’ve done the research, you’ll appreciate the FirstLight difference and our standing in the industry.caretaker and caregiver

Our Industry Is Strong

Many if not most seniors could use a little extra attention — whether that be companionship care, assistance with household chores and grooming, or just getting meals prepared safely — which is why ours is proving to be a recession-proof industry. Our senior care franchise creates customized plans for all of our clients so that they and their families can enjoy peace of mind. Based on projections, one can expect the homecare market will reach nearly $225 billion by 2024, and the general population percent of Americans 65 and older will grow from 16.5% to an estimated 22% by 2050. With increases like that on the horizon, there might be no better time than now to invest in a senior care franchise with FirstLight.

Living Longer Lives at Home

Another factor that’s contributing to the growth and stability of our home care industry is simply that more of us are living longer. Life expectancy is higher today than it’s ever been, and our growing aging population will mean a rise in the demand for in-home healthcare. Many older senior citizens who are healthy would prefer to live at home rather than in an assisted living situation. Nevertheless, they might still benefit from some help with daily tasks like shopping, personal hygiene, housekeeping, and more. Our “Culture of Care” philosophy means, as a FirstLight franchisee, you’ll be able to offer these much-needed services to a segment of society who will appreciate them the most. Best of all, you’ll be enabling older individuals to remain self-sufficient and safe in familiar surroundings, where they want to be.

We’re a Leader in the Home Care Industry

Since our inception in 2010, our focus has been on relationships — with our clients, our franchisees, and our staff. It’s what’s allowed us to grow to over 200 locations across the country and be recognized by Franchise Business Review as one of the best home care franchises on the market. Our franchisee training and support means our franchisees go into business focusing on what matters — client satisfaction, staff retention, and growth! We don’t succeed unless you succeed, and it’s our commitment to the people who matter the most that truly separates us from the competition.

Ready to live a more fulfilling life by joining the home care industry? Reach out to us today!