What Can Employers Do To Help Family Caregivers?

Home Care Partnerships Can Increase Productivity and Give Peace of Mind

Are you an employer that cares about work/life balance? If so, you probably have an excellent vacation package and family medical leave policies. You might even offer subsidized or on-site childcare.

All of those are excellent benefits, but have you considered resources or benefits that can help your employees who are caring for an elderly family member, possibly a parent or another loved one? As the baby boomers age, the percentage of people in the workforce caring for an elderly person is on the rise. The average U.S. caregiver is a 49-year-old woman employed full time outside the home. Chances are this person also has minor children at home, making them a member of “The Sandwich Generation.”elder father and son

The stress heaped on an unpaid caregiver is enormous, and to make matters worse, these people are often afraid to disclose their situation to their employers for fear of being let go. But caring, responsible employers are taking steps to take the weight off the caregivers on their staffs, and FirstLight Home Care can help.

Support When Needed

Everyone’s home situation is different, so elder home care doesn’t have a one-size-fits-all solution. If you add elder home care to your list of benefits, it’s important to offer flexibility, too. Does the elder need 24/7, live-in care? Someone to be in the home during the day? Help with chores and cooking? Occasional assistance or transportation to daytime appointments?

When you set up elder care benefits, be sure to partner with a company that offers a variety of services that can fit any need.

Workplace Acceptance

The unpaid caregivers on your staff may be suffering in silence, fearful that they will lose their jobs if their problem comes to light. This added stress can lead to mental and emotional issues like depression, and even physical illness, all of which are devastating to your employee and their productivity. U.S. businesses lose an estimated $33.6 billion per year in lost productivity from employee caregivers, including absenteeism, workday distraction and more.

Let your employees know that you care about them and be the first to talk about elder care benefits, whether they include counseling, referral or subsidies. Take the lead and set the tone for your workplace, and your employees will be more comfortable reaching out to you for help.

Finding the Right Partner

If you are looking for a cost-effective way to add elder care benefits for your employees, consider partnering with FirstLight Home Care. We offer a variety of non-medical home care services, including companion care, dementia care, help with household tasks and more. Give your employees the peace of mind that their loved ones are safe and cared for, and you will reap the rewards in increased productivity and fewer missed days. Call (866) 288-4727 or contact FirstLight online today to find out more.