Are You Ready for Your Next Career?

Owning a Firstlight Franchise Is a Great Second Act for Retirees

Are you a retiree who’s just not ready to retire? Maybe you were offered early retirement. Maybe you were downsized from a corporate job. Maybe you’re “retirement age” but a life of leisure isn’t for you.Firstlight Home Care Franchise Owners

Whatever the reason, it’s never too late to start something new. Here are some of the ways that franchising with FirstLight makes sense for retirees.

Business Experience

Retirees, both civilian and military, have a wealth of experience that makes them great entrepreneurs and franchisees. Strong work ethic, organizational skills, self-motivation, leadership ability, and much more are already instilled in people like you.

Be Your Own Boss

What are great business opportunities for retirees? A retiree who has spent a career as part of a larger corporate structure but yearns for the freedom of being a business owner is a great fit for a FirstLight franchise. The communication skills you learned as part of a corporation will help you interact with your own staff and the franchise home office, but you’ll also be fulfilling your dream of owning and running your own business.

Proven Business Model

As a retiree, you might not have as much risk tolerance as a younger entrepreneur. Becoming part of a franchise takes some of the risk out of starting your own business. FirstLight provides excellent training and support for our franchisees, plus a business model that is proven to work. You’ll have the freedom to build your own business while operating within a safe and supportive structure.

Meaningful Work

If retirement isn’t for you, that’s probably because you want to build something special and do something meaningful with your time, just like you did in your first career. A FirstLight franchise lets you make a difference in the lives of seniors in your area, helping them stay happy and healthy while aging in place. And when you’re ready for a second retirement, it’s possible for the business you built to live on with new ownership.

If you’re looking for the next step in your professional journey, we’re interested in talking with you. Contact FirstLight Home Care today to find out more about our industry and franchise opportunities.