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The Rewards of Owning a Franchise

Top 50 Franchise - Franchisee Satisfaction AwardsUsually when we think of the term “rewards” we think in term of money. Financial gain. In fact, way too often we measure ourself by the amount of money we make versus the happiness making the money brings us. If you can combine a financially rewarding career with something you are passionate about, you have hit a home run!

Are you passionate about your current career? Or do you just consider it a “job”, one where you just go through the motions daily? If the latter is true, you should look at the benefits of owning your own senior care franchise from FirstLight Home Care. The rewards are not only monetary, but personally fulfilling as well.  Which is just one of the reasons FirstLight Home Care was ranked #22 on Franchise Business Review’s list of Top 50 franchise systems that rank highest in franchisee satisfaction. Our franchise owners are happy for a number of reasons.

We’d like to believe it’s because of the training and support we provide out of our home office. Our unique Culture of Care. Our uncompromising standards of care and personal attention, and our deep commitment to maintaining a safe and healthy environment for seniors and the chronically ill.

Although these are all factors in why our franchisees choose FirstLight Home Care, the real reason is something more personal: an internal passion for helping others, giving seniors a “reason to be” and allowing them to remain independent in the comfort of their own homes. It’s the smiles they receive, the happiness that comes from making a real difference.

Many of our FirstLight Home Care franchise owners enter the business based on a personal experience with substandard homecare. Many are baby boomers who have grandmothers, parents, brothers or sisters who needed quality in-home care and they were unable to find it. They know that as baby boomers age, in-home care is becoming more in demand.

But that’s not why they stay, what keeps them loving what they are doing day after day.

The best way to describe it to you is through a letter one of our franchise operators – Manoj Babu and Biju Nair – recently received that brought tears to their eyes. It is from Jim, a 71-year-old man who is both disabled and homebound, with no close relatives or friends around. He hired Manoj and FirstLight Home Care of Charlotte to provide a caregiver for him on Fridays.

“My caregiver is a warm and good hearted gentleman that I like very much,” says Jim. “Being alone for so long, I need someone to talk to and assist me. My caregiver and I hit it off right away and we enjoy some wonderful and stimulating conversations. We often go out to lunch and converse a lot.

The thing that really stands out that I would like to share with others is that Manoj (I call him Manny), is one of the nicest men you would ever hope to meet. His warm and caring persona gave me something that was missing from my life. He gave me ‘HOPE’ when I had none. He encouraged me to write him and let him know how I was doing. I do frequently write to him as if I am writing to a good friend.”

And isn’t giving people hope and a reason “to be” a wonderful career to have?