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Leadership and Small Business

What characteristics make an accomplished leader? Even more, what traits make an accomplished business leader? What do you do if you don’t possess all of these elements? How do you develop and enhance your leadership skills for a more accomplished career path or perhaps business ownership?

One thing is for sure; today’s leaders require a much different mixture of traits than yesterday’s leaders. Today, leaders are innovative, creative problem solvers, teachers, mentors, and always learning. They have the ability to foresee and predict future issues and start new trends, as well as exercise an in-depth understanding of consumers and targeted audiences, execute a strong work ethic with high integrity and a strong moral compass. Today’s leaders never settle, but are always seeking improvement, researching more innovative products, services, and methods of operation.

So, what if you need to develop in some of these areas?  Leaders are molded and developed, not born. It may take extra effort, more hard work and determination, but with the right training, study, and positive attitude, your path to leadership becomes clearer. Sometimes, the best leaders have a mentor they look to for wisdom, development and growth in their leadership skills. If there’s someone you know whom you look up to on a professional level, sit down and discuss your goals, passion, strengths and weaknesses with them. Ask them if they would like to be your mentor. If they are they are the exceptional leader they should be, they will gladly accept and help you on your way.

Another suggestion for working on areas of development for leadership skills is to consider taking a class or two that focuses specifically on that area of development. Whether it is business-related or if it’s more people-oriented, (helping you to understand consumers more, the thought process, decision-making process, etc.); we recommend taking a class. It never hurts to learn as much as you possibly can, and you’re never too old, nor is it ever too late to go back to school.

The best leaders understand that their job is never fully done at the end of the day. They are continuously striving for growth, both personally and professionally, always ready to take on the next big opportunity, and are fearless.

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