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Franchise Opportunities in Non-Skilled Care

Why non-skilled care is the better bet for entrepreneurs interested in the home care space

Home care is an extremely fast-growing employment sector in the U.S. Demand for the services continues to increase as the nation’s population ages. Entrepreneurs who see an opportunity to meet this growing need must understand the differences that lie between providing skilled or non-skilled home care services.

Non-medical home care provides personal and companion care services, helping seniors who don’t necessarily need skilled medical care to remain independent. These services can include:

  • Transportation to and from appointments
  • Conversation and companionship
  • Basic help around the house.
  • Meal preparation
  • Assistance with eating, bathing or mobility

Economic Benefits

Non-medical home care services are generally private pay. This means that the business owner has greater control over pricing and profit margins than if they were providing skilled medical home care services. In addition, recent changes to Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services rules are opening non-medical home care businesses to broader markets by making some services eligible for coverage under some Medicare Advantage supplemental plans in 2019.

Pay and bill rates can be lower than those of medical in-home care, but so are labor costs. Non-medical caregivers are not required to be nurses. This allows profit margins for non-medical care businesses to equal or exceed those of medically focused businesses. In addition, the costs of insuring a non-medical care business are much lower.

Some states do have non-medical home care licensure requirements, but it costs much less than licensing medical in-home care companies.

Franchise Advantages

Although it might be tempting to start a standalone non-medical home care business to avoid franchise fees and costs, joining an established home care franchise network provides significant long-term potential for growth. The advantages include:

  • Established brand recognition.
  • Marketing support.
  • Turnkey back-office systems.
  • Peer support and networking.

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