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Four Hiring Tips for Franchisees

Every franchise system is different. The process of becoming a franchise owner, training, and overall understanding of the business model are all crucial when a franchise owner decides to invest in a franchise system. In most cases, owners are trained or given specifications for their hiring process; what to look for in potential employees, certain characteristics, personality traits, background and experience. At FirstLight Home Care, there are four tips that we encourage and promote to all of our franchise owners:

  1. Remember that as an owner, you are always recruiting no matter where you are; the grocery store, a restaurant, the gym-it doesn’t matter. You should always be on the lookout for genuinely good talent, the right personality, or exceptional customer service. Someone who has these characteristics and more is definitely potential employee material. Make sure to leave your card or contact information with them, information about the company and the position(s) you might have available.
  2. Be sure to follow the franchise system’s recommended employment or hiring process. Do not cut corners or skip any steps in their process. Remember that the people you hire are an extension of your brand; they represent the franchise system and the brand image as a whole, so be sure to take the time necessary to make sure each person you’re hiring will make an extraordinary addition to your team.
  3. Create a clear path for career development opportunities for all of your employees to pursue if they so desire. This effort will help to improve retention, as well as consistently attract strong candidates throughout the hiring process.
  4. Encourage your existing employees to refer new employees! Your existing employees are truly your number one resource in helping you recruit and find new employees who will continue to keep the brand image strong.

At FirstLight Home Care, we strive to hire and retain the best of the best; from Caregivers to Operations. In a business where people deliver exceptional service, the hiring process should never be taken lightly and is crucial for your long term continued growth as a small business owner.

If you or someone you know is interested in becoming a franchise owner and are researching what industries would best fit your interests or passion, feel free to check out more information on FirstLight Home Care. You can visit our FirstLight Franchise Information page, or give us a call: 1.866.985.5348