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Converting Your Home Healthcare Business

Do you or someone you know currently operate their own independent homecare business? Is your independent homecare business facing increased competition? Are you a brand leader in your market? Do you have extensive website and social media strategies and support? Is it becoming harder and harder to find and retain caregivers? Would your independent homecare business benefit from innovative and industry leading technology? Does your state require new licensure or did state licensure recently change? Does it seem like your business has met somewhat of a plateau? Are you prepared for all of the upcoming changes in the industry (Affordable Care Act, mandatory group health insurance, overtime pay changes for caregivers, etc.)? If you answered yes to any of these questions, as an independent home care business owner, you may be at a crossroad in your entrepreneurial career.

At FirstLight Home Care, we offer a collaborative approach when it comes to converting existing independent home care businesses. We prefer to work with you so that our visions may grow together in bettering your entrepreneurial dreams and passion for the industry. By leveraging your local contacts and place in the community along with our powerful and award winning franchise model, our partnership could be mutually beneficial. At the end of the day, it’s still your business; you still own it, except now you’ve joined forces with the fastest growing, non-medical franchise system in the country. By converting your independent home care business into a FirstLight Home Care franchise, you’ll enjoy significant cost reductions and buying power, access to state-of-the-art technology platform, national accounts for increased revenues, proprietary dementia and hospital rescue programs, PERS, Medication Reminder Devices, Vitals monitoring and more!

As a FirstLight Home Care franchisee, you’ll likely experience lower operating costs and higher revenues than your current operation. All marketing materials, promotional and branding items and materials, office supplies, computers, insurance, background checks, and internet marketing would be purchased in bulk through a discounted rate.

At FirstLight, our owners often outperform market competitors in hours per week, revenues, and margins.  Moreover, as a FirstLight owner, you provide care to anyone over age 18.  In addition to seniors, we provide Companion and Personal care to veterans returning from service, adults with disabilities, new mom’s coming home form the hospital and more! We’ve created specific and targeted marketing programs to address hospital re-admissions, hospice, assisted living facilities, skilled care providers and more.

For the first time ever, we are offering significant financial incentives to join our winning franchise family.  Reduced franchise fees, royalties and more!  As an independent home care business owner, if you feel you’ve met a crossroad in your market and would like to speak with one of our franchise development experts, we welcome any questions you may have.

Also, check out our “Converting Your Existing HomeCare Business” page to view more information as well. We are always looking for potential owners with seasoned industry experience. We would love to welcome you to our franchise owner team!