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Becoming a Great Boss

What makes a great boss? And why is that important in small business?  At FirstLight Home Care, there are certain characteristics we look for in our franchisees to ensure they align with our values and goals and our Culture of Care.  In senior care, hiring the best caregivers in the market and then managing and retaining them is critical to your growth. Our caregivers are the face of our brand as such, our corporate staff and franchisees work hard to ensure their happiness and fulfillment. So what does being a great boss mean, especially in a small business environment?

Here is some basic advice we give to each FirstLight franchise owner:

  • Build and maintain employee trust. By creating strong bonds both individually and as a team, you’re building loyalty and trust among employees. This typically creates an environment to grow and fail together and to learn from each of these experiences as a team.
  • Welcome creativity and a positive atmosphere for idea generation for all employees. If a leader is able to create a relaxed, open atmosphere where employees feel they are genuinely listened to and respected; whether for idea generation or productivity suggestions, the team and individuals are likely to perform at a higher level.
  • Encourage career development and growth. Allowing each employee the opportunity for both personal and professional growth lets employees understand what’s expected of them and creates more of a commitment on their part to the company and the team. This in turn contributes to their growth as an employee, and overall employee satisfaction.
  • Make sure your staff is provided with the correct and valuable resources to perform their job at the highest level Allocating enough time and budget for them to complete their tasks satisfactorily and not constantly overworking, under budgeting or underestimating their time on projects will create a much happier team in the long run.
  • Allow employees to feel comfortable in voicing their concerns or problems. Open communication is key for workflow and productivity. Not only when it comes to creative brainstorming, but also when it comes to procedures, policies, and processes that may or may not be hindering productivity, creativity, and overall satisfaction with work.
  • Praise and reward. Giving your employees a deep sense of personal and professional satisfaction for their work aids in developing their confidence in their abilities and will increase their performance level.

Becoming  a great boss is hard and constant work. It’s safe to say though that a large part of being a great boss entails ensuring your employees are satisfied, happy and have established an open line of communication with you and their fellow coworkers. Happy employees lead to higher performance levels, which in turn leads to happy clients. To find out more information about what makes a great boss, you can view this article from Inc. com