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Why Service Professionals Make Accomplished Small Business Owners

Military veterans, law enforcement officers, nurses, firefighters, teachers, first responders-the list of service occupations is endless. Service professionals may have different experiences with people, and the situations they’ve encountered, but they many share at least one common characteristic, (other than service), their ability to thrive as a franchise or small business owner. According to, service professionals are a perfect fit for franchise and small business ownership for five main reasons:

    1.  Performing under pressure. When you own a small business or franchise, you are the boss, which means everyone looks to you for information, knowledge, as an example, and of course in emergency or intense situations. Service professionals are extremely familiar with having to make important decisions under pressure. They understand quickly what’s at stake, analyze all viable options and outcomes a situation has, and make the best quality decision in a timely manner. In their business, it may not always be a “rescue” or “life-threatening” situation as they may be used to handling, but their ability to assess a situation thoroughly and react swiftly helps them provide an exceptional customer experience.
    2. Understanding that details matter. In the service industry, especially, intricate details make all the difference for customers. Details are what help businesses build loyalty, and service professionals have a deep understanding and appreciation for details. Let’s think about it for a second, in their prior service career, tiny details at times meant life or death. In many cases, details are simply part of their everyday workflow. In order for them to favorably manage themselves, team members, and the people they work to help, they need to focus and pay close attention to the details of the situation in front of them. They also have to remember and recall the details later on when writing reports or notes in records or health files. This type of memory recall comes in handy for personalizing their customers’ experiences. Every task has a specific process that has to be completed accurately down to the most-minute detail. It’s because of these career elements, service professionals are often excellent at keeping track of details and follow up for each of their customers, creating strong customer relationships and brand loyalty in the long-run.

Owning a small business or franchise is not an easy task. Neither is being a service professional. Both careers require dedication, commitment and a desire to help people.

If you’re interested in owning your own service business, we ask you to consider the homecare industry, and more specifically, starting your own FirstLight Home Care franchise. The homecare industry is growing exponentially and will only continue to grow for years. See what markets we have available, view our Franchise Information Page, or download our Franchise Information Kit!