More Women Are Enjoying Business Ownership as Franchisees

At FirstLight, we are incredibly proud of the fact that our in-home care franchise opportunity appeals to a broad range of investors who come from a variety of backgrounds. The fact is, the franchise system is an incredibly popular way to become a business owner, and for lots of good reasons. Maybe that’s why more and more women are choosing it as their way of going into business for themselves, and the FirstLight in-home care franchise opportunity is one of their favorite brands to partner with.woman writing on document

FirstLight is a Top Choice

The fact is, more and more franchise businesses are owned by women. Today, 26% of all franchises are solely woman-owned, and 41% of new franchisees that have launched in the last 24 months have been done so by women.

To determine the top franchises for women, a recent survey conducted by Franchise Business Review asked over 7,000 women franchisees from 300+ leading brands important questions about their satisfaction with the brand and their partnership with it. These questions focused on areas that included:

  • Brand leadership
  • Training
  • Core values
  • Business lifestyle
  • Overall enjoyment

Using a ranking system based on their answers, this survey determined the top 50 franchise opportunities for women — and FirstLight took the #9 spot! We couldn’t be prouder or more excited by this distinction and look forward to opening the doors to business ownership to more and more women across the country

The Firstlight Culture of Care

For decades, the FirstLight family has been helping seniors across the country enjoy the benefits of living at home safely and comfortably. From light housekeeping to errand-running to personal hygiene, our caregivers are all about the first part of that word: care. In fact, everyone at FirstLight is. Our Culture of Care extends not just to our clients, but to our employees and to our franchise owners. Maybe that’s why so many women are taking advantage of our in-home care franchise opportunity; they know we care as much as they do!

Feedback Matters

Our franchisees are part of the FirstLight family, which means we want to hear from them. We take their feedback seriously, because we know we can’t succeed as a brand unless each and every one of our franchise owners feels respected and supported. To that end, we make sure to gather input from all our franchisees on a regular basis, using third-party survey services, to better assess and refine the strategic vision for our brand. We know our franchisees have something to say, ideas to share, concerns they might want to voice, and we’re here to listen!

There are many in-home care franchise opportunities available for women (and men!) to consider. But as a leader in our industry, we know the FirstLight brand has something very special to offer, as more and more communities across the country are discovering every day.

Ready to become part of our robust industry with a FirstLight in-home care franchise? Get in touch with us today!!