Grow Old & Be Happy

For people with an optimistic outlook on life, growing old and being happy often go hand-in-hand. This group of people has most likely been looking forward to retirement for many years. They consider their “golden years” to be a time in their lives when they will get to do all that they didn’t have time and money for in their younger years. Grandchildren are typically much anticipated and adored, and for some travel is on the agenda. This group tends to roll with the punches in life, and you’ll probably hear them say that they are happier at 70+ than they were at 30.happy old people

Conversely, there are many people out there who are fighting the aging process tooth and nail. I’d venture to guess that it would be next to impossible to convince this group that growing old(er) can and should be a wonderful experience. They are focusing on all that is waning…eyesight, muscle mass, energy and probably their independence as well. Granted, change is tough, and we all struggle when we are forced to accept change that is not of our doing. And growing older is definitely something that none of us can change whether we like it or not.

With that last thought in mind, it is my personal opinion that we should then accept, adapt and embrace these changes in our lives. Easier said than done I know. We will not know what it feels like to have to be dependent on loved ones and/or outside assistance until we get to that point. But, I have personally met and been inspired by some very active (mentally and/or physically) older people. They have inspired me to try to keep myself active and healthy now so that my own “golden years” will be a rewarding and happy period of my life.

I do acknowledge that I am only human however. My body will age (as we all will), and it is inevitable that my physical capabilities will diminish. It will hopefully be a sharp mind and a zest for life that will help me maintain and ensure my happiness as I grow old. Oh, and friends and family are an important piece in the puzzle as well. So, that’s my plan, and I’m sticking to it. What about you? Care to join me?

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