• What is the difference between medical and non-medical care?

    Not everyone needs in-home skilled medical care. This creates a valuable niche for non-medical home care providers that can help seniors remain independent through companion and personal care services, such as basic help around the house, transportation to appointments, reminders to take medication, and assistance with eating and bathing. Due to lower labor and insurance costs, profit margins for non-medical care businesses can be just as good— or even better—than for medical home care companies.

  • What are the characteristics FirstLight looks for in franchisees?

    We look for people or teams of people who are caring, compassionate, outgoing, detail-oriented, visionary, entrepreneurial, positive, self-motivated, with a willingness to follow a proven system, a desire to deliver great service and a desire to be on a winning team. A minimum of $100,000 in working capital and the ability to have an equity owner participating in the business are strongly recommended.

  • What does FirstLight offer outside of senior care?

    FirstLight offers home care services for a variety of individuals and their families, such as those recuperating from surgery or injury, people with disabilities, veterans, busy moms and anyone else who could benefit from assistance and companion care.

  • How will FirstLight support my growth as a franchisee?

    We are driven by the simple approach that if our franchisees are prosperous, we will all be prosperous. Our support infrastructure is geared to enabling your growth first. You will receive a range of direct services and training via a five day, extensive, new owner learning session; onsite visits; telephone coaching; operational analysis; Intranet forums; regional meetings and national conferences; entrepreneurial network sharing; and future services as we evolve and your needs change as your FirstLight business grows.

  • How much can I make as a FirstLight Home Care franchisee?

    With the industry currently estimated at $80 billion, non-medical, in-home care continues to soar. FirstLight franchisees see an average unit volume of more than $1 million, with the top performers in our system over $3 million.

  • Is there a process I need to follow to become a FirstLight franchisee?

    Yes, we follow a very defined yet personal process in helping you to explore the FirstLight offering and help us get to know each other better. From initial contact to grand opening of your franchise, we have 10 defined steps we will work together to complete – always at your speed, as deliberate or as accelerated as you are comfortable.

  • What is the financial requirement to open a FirstLight Home Care?

    The financial requirement to open a FirstLight Home Care franchise in the United States is $200,000 Net Worth with a minimum of $100,000 in liquid assets.

    Initial Investment Low High
    Initial Franchise Fee $49,500 $49,500
    Travel and Training Expenses $2,125 $4,040
    Business Premises $0 $4,800
    Start-up Supplies and Inventory $300 $900
    Employment Screening $275 $360
    Equipment, Signage, Graphics $250 $2,450
    Advertising, Marketing and Promotions $4,000 $6,000
    Grand Opening Marketing $2,500 $3,500
    Others Paid Expenses $7,850 $9,850
    Business Permits, Licenses and Fess $0 $7,000
    Insurance as required under Section 7.16 of the Franchise Agreement $6,000 $12,000
    Computer Equipment $2,500 $5,000
    Additional Funds: 3 to 6 Months $38,000 $95,000
    Total $113,300 $197,900

  • Will I have a protected territory?

    Yes, every FirstLight Home Care franchise territory is a protected area and no one else will be granted a license to market in your area from your first date of operation.

  • Is the senior care industry one that has high growth potential?

    The demand for services in the senior care industry continues to increase every year. In 2015, more than 10,000 people turned 65 every day. By the end of 2011, the senior population in America reached almost 49 million. By 2025, it will grow to nearly 72 million. (Source: The Department of Health and Human Services and the State Department) The need for senior care services is being fueled by a combination of demographic and societal factors, including:

    • The baby-boomer bubble began touching retirement age at 65 in 2011
    • Medical technologies are enabling seniors to live longer, more active lives
    • Dual-income families are the norm in America today and more families are struggling with the stress of caring for their parents and their own children
    • AARP surveys report more than 89 percent of seniors prefer remaining in the comfort of their own home to moving to a nursing home or assisted living center

  • Will I receive guidance on purchasing equipment and supplies?

    Yes. We have created and continue to develop an extensive collaboration with leading provider partners for nearly every type of equipment and supplies required to operate a prosperous FirstLight franchise. Our pre-training and pre-opening checklists will give you guidance every step of the way to leverage each of our provider partner relationships to your advantage. In addition, our weekly coaching guidance and support will further reinforce the benefits of our purchasing programs.

  • Do I need healthcare or homecare experience to become a franchisee?

    No. Goal oriented individuals from all occupations and walks of life will find great potential with the FirstLight Home Care operating system.

  • What kind of training can I expect as a FirstLight franchisee?

    Our training is state-of-the art in the home care franchise industry and begins with 55-60 hours of online “Pre-FLight” training, followed by five full days of FLight School at our headquarters in suburban Cincinnati, OH. This is very hands-on and personalized in small group settings to maximize the learning experience. Additionally, ongoing training modules for your managers, caregivers, referral networking managers and care managers/schedulers are provided as your business grows and your training needs evolve. We believe in “learning for life” and have patterned our franchise services in the same manner.

  • What are the initial franchise fees and royalty fees?

    Our initial franchise fee is $49,500, which includes a wide range of services built-in to help you to hit the ground running. Our royalty structure is a low, consistent five percent of your revenues monthly and based on your revenues collected, NOT as revenues are billed. We know this approach is just one more way to help you, as a home care franchisee, become more prosperous.

  • Will I receive assistance in planning the grand opening?

    Yes, your Launch Specialist will work with you through pre-training, post-training and even visit you onsite within your first 30 days of operation to ensure your senior care grand opening is a huge hit. We understand and have experienced the importance of a stellar grand opening in the home care industry. We’ll gladly share our experience with you and guide you through all the key preparations as you complete training and open your FirstLight franchise.

  • What makes a FirstLight franchise different when I compare it to other senior care franchises?

    Many, many aspects of the FirstLight system make it the best senior care and home care franchise when compared to similar franchises in the same industry. A sampling of unique differences includes our extensive, prior experience building a second-to-none senior care franchise network, our Culture of Care, our ClientFirst service focus, an affordable technology platform, our care giving selection and training tools, our proprietary Intranet communication system, our exclusive back-office accounting service, our highly scalable web-based staffing and scheduling software, our unrelenting pursuit on service leadership, our growth incentive program…and much more.

  • How do I get started?

    Please fill out the qualification form on our site today. We look forward to speaking with you and telling you more about what makes FirstLight Home Care a different choice if you are truly dedicated to being the very best in home and senior care. We will explore together our new approach to a thriving senior care franchise and help you evaluate all the options.