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What To Do With All That Industry Red Tape

FirstLight Home Care BrandEvery industry has some amount of “red-tape” to deal with.  Paperwork, timelines out of your control, reliance on other people to make decisions that affect your business, etc.  As a business owner, one of your initial and perhaps ongoing challenges is to cut through the “red-tape” as quickly and effortlessly as possible.

With franchising models, much “red-tape” is a result from state and federal regulations. Delay’s, getting the “run around”, dealing with people who do not have nearly the same sense of pride and sense of urgency that you do can be frustrating at best, and even demoralizing. Hopefully, the franchise system you chose to operate has support staff to guide you through each hurdle, so you’re able to operate efficiently, effectively, and legally within your own territory or market.

For the homecare industry specifically, current healthcare regulations, both state and federal are complex and difficult to implement, let alone comprehend. Add in a few other newly instated federal regulations regarding wages, workers’ comp, etc. and one may wonder how a small business can thrive. Most franchise systems do provide field or territory managers who are well educated on current trends, issues, and regulations to help keep all franchisees within the system up-to-date, lessen anxiety over ever-changing policies, and offer sustainable and sound advice on operating, managing, and implementation of services. There are also other methods to endure the ever-changing industry legislation.

At FirstLight Home Care, all of our support staff and senior management are seasoned experts, who have created processes and solutions for our franchisees to follow that guide them through all industry red rape. We also provide multiple resources (white papers, internet links, industry expert panel discussions, regional and national conferences, etc.), for our owners to stay up-to-date with all state and federal policy regulation changes. The best advice we can give any franchise owner when it comes to red tape is to strive to be proactive in terms of seeking working solutions for your business’ growth. Proactively, we mean stay on top of what’s occurring, not only in your industry, but also economically on both a national and global scale. Make sure your franchise system has experts who are familiar with the fine details of all industry red tape, policies, regulations, and challenges. We encourage owners to network with industry experts and other owners, both within the industry and outside the industry. By networking among fellow peers and executives, you may establish a foundation of support and sharp knowledge together, that may ultimately result in solid solutions for the industry challenges at hand.  We take pride in our processes and plans we have in place for our owners, because we know they are well researched, smartly created and laid out, and are continually updated to reflect changes in state and federal regulations. We know our plan helps our owners tremendously and allows them to feel more comfortable handling the red tape and changes in the industry, so that they are able to focus more on providing extraordinary care to our clients, and enjoy their franchise ownership.

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