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What Not to Do in Your Franchise Business

Not all franchises are created equal and built upon the same operating platform and cultural values. While franchise models may differ in their training processes, brand standards, and overall goals, FirstLight Home Care’s franchise model is one based upon service excellence, measurement and taking stock in franchisee satisfaction. In order to consistently keep franchisee satisfaction high, we focus on avoiding the following:

  • Don’t skimp on initial and on-going employee training and education.
  • Don’t waiver on new franchise owner requirements: FirstLight Home Care has certain requirements that each owner must meet in order to become a franchisee.
  • Don’t change your qualification process to suit the franchisee.  Take every potential franchisee through a pragmatic, strategic process to discover a “mutual fit” between franchisee and franchisor.
  • Don’t ignore feedback mechanisms such as candidate and franchisee surveys and feedback. “How are we doing?” “What could we do to help more?” “How can we make you more prosperous?”
  • Don’t operate in a vacuum.  Team collaboration is essential in a potentially profitable franchise model.  Corporate team members working closely with Franchise owners creates a deserved “partnership mentality”
  • As a franchisee, don’t think that your market or territory is different or special than other territories.  Remember that top-notch franchisors conduct market and demographic analysis. They already know from the get-go the best strategy for your market. Don’t stray away from the franchisor and think you know what’s best.  The flourishing franchisor is looking out for your best interest and growth as a franchisee in the long run.
  • As a franchisee, don’t re-invent the wheel.  Failing to follow the guidance and training provided by the franchisor is just plain dumb.  Taking advantage of training, marketing, systems, etc. is why you are investing in a franchise; because the franchisor has proven operating systems and has made the mistakes in the past so that you don’t have to.
  • Don’t lose site in the power of the brand.  One of the most important and valuable elements of a franchise system is the brand. Remember, a thriving franchise brand should be consistent across the board. If one franchisee fails to uphold the brand standards, it could have an impact on the entire franchise system

FirstLight Home Care is the youngest franchise system to ever be surveyed by Franchise Business Review, (an outside, independent company that surveys franchisee satisfaction), and the youngest system to ever be ranked, receiving 22nd out of 550 franchise systems for 2012. Our franchise owner’s satisfaction is a top priority at FirstLight.  We are honored to be recognized by Franchise Business Review and look forward to another existing year in 2013!