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What are the Trends for Home Care in 2019?

The home care industry came a long way in 2018, and that growth isn’t slowing down anytime soon. According to the AARP, in 2017, 1 in 7 Americans was over age 65, and that number will become 1 in 5 by 2040.

As the population we serve grows, our industry is changing to accommodate the needs of patients, caregivers, and franchisees. Here are some trends you’ll see in the non-medical home care industry in 2019.

Greater Recognition

The vital, compassionate service that home caregivers provide to seniors is finally receiving the recognition it deserves. In 2019, non-medical home care became eligible as an allowable benefit in Medicare Advantage supplemental plans.

More and more, experts are recognizing that senior care extends beyond medical needs. Home care providers fulfill seniors’ needs for social interaction, housekeeping tasks, meal preparation, and much more. These needs, if neglected, can be just as deadly to a senior as a medical issue.

Working Together

Since non-medical home care is receiving greater recognition, there is a greater drive for the medical and non-medical home care industries to work together and improve patient outcomes. The focus has shifted to the well-being of the whole patient, not just diagnostic numbers like blood pressure and heart rate but overall mood and quality of life, too.

Caregiver Retention

There are alarming statistics for caregiver retention in our industry, with turnover rates skyrocketing to 66.7 percent in 2017, the highest rate since 2013. While our focus is still on our clients, the industry will be taking steps in 2019 to improve caregiver experiences as well, and hopefully stem the tide of high turnover. At FirstLight, we combat turnover with quality screening and training, plus excellent benefits and higher-than-average pay for our caregivers.

Succeed in 2019

If you are thinking about starting your own home care business, or if you already own a business and are looking for ways to take it to the next level, consider becoming a franchisee with FirstLight Home Care. Our training, support, and proven business practices will help you take advantage of the rising acceptance of home care and help you avoid the pitfalls of caregiver retention. Contact us today to learn more.