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The Best Part of Owning a HomeCare Franchise

What’s the best part of owning a senior care franchise? The people? The fulfillment? The large marketplace?

At FirstLight Home Care, we decided to go straight to the source – the home care franchise owners who interact with our clients every day. Here’s what they had to say!

“The rewarding feeling you get when you are providing quality, exceptional caregiving to a client.  Particularly when they have tried so many other home healthcare companies and they were dissatisfied, yet feel they’ve hit a home run with FirstLight caregivers.” Tammy Iuso, FirstLight Home Care of Orlando

“The best part of owning a FirstLight Home Care is ours is a family business taking care of other families … my wife and I get to work together every day. It becomes like a big extended family.”  Dale Ocken, FirstLight HomeCare Omaha

“The best part of owning a FirstLight Home Care franchise is the responsiveness of the home office. The support is second to none and their hearts are in the right place.” Ed Ukaonu, FirstLight Home Care Atlanta

“Getting to hear the amazing stories of the amazing people we care for. Everyone is so unique and has so much to teach us all. “ Dawn Elkjer, FirstLight Home Care Scottsdale

“Helping people in the community isn’t just our job at FirstLight Home Care.  It’s our PASSION.

My grandfather, Charles Phelps, suffered from Parkinson’s Disease back in the early 90’s, when he was 80 years old.  He lived in Green Bay, WI, and liked to take short walks around the block to keep his strength up.  One day, my grandpa never came home.  He was a missing person for a year before his remains were found, less than 1/4 mile away.

The police said there was no foul play, but he must have gotten confused and crawled under a thicket of bushes to escape the hot July heat.  If Grandpa Charlie had a caregiver in the home–someone to take those short walks around the block with him–he might have lived years longer and not passed away exhausted, confused and in fear.  If our family had had a caregiver, they would not have had to suffer the agony of a year without any clue as to where Grandpa Charlie had gone.

I work for FirstLight Home Care to make sure a story like this never has to be told again.” Michael Phelps, FirstLight Home Care Northwest Arkansas

“The best part of owning a FLHC franchise is having access to proven policies and procedures but still be able to have the freedom and flexibility to put my own management style and culture into my business. “ Jim Crews, FirstLight Home Care Scottsdale  

When a family member thanks you because they have not had a break from caregiving in years.  You can feel their pain, and to provide this type of home care service is very meaningful to me.” Steve Rattner, FirstLight Home Care of Pinellas County  

The best part of owning a senior care franchise is being able to help older clients and seeing the relief in their eyes when they say “thank you” and trust our services!” Kathy Kotowski, FirstLight Home Care Columbus

“The satisfaction that comes with being able to help someone in crisis.  Nearly all of my clients and client families come to me when they have nowhere else to turn.  When I see the relief that comes when our clients and caregivers get settled and the crisis is averted…It’s worth all of the gold in the world.” David Bonacci, FirstLight Home Care of Walnut Creek

Helping seniors maintain their independence and providing peace of mind for their loved ones is what is most important to me.  I had three grandparents live to be in their mid-90’s and they would have loved to have a company like FirstLight Home Care to help them. Knowing I am with a home healthcare company that is on the forefront of products and services is also important to this growing field.” Beth Steel, FirstLight Home Care Northern Kentucky

”The best part is knowing that you are increasing the quality of life for the clients you serve as well as extending their time to live independently in their own homes.” Judy Devincentis, FirstLight Home Care of the Western Slope