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Why Now is the Ideal Time to Become a Senior Care Franchise Owner

Right now, the economy is tricky and scary-particularly to those who own a business or are employed and whose future are in someone else’s hands. Becoming a franchise owner may be a perfect opportunity for you. FirstLight Home Care offers rare opportunities and value to people looking to invest in a senior care franchise system.

1. Controlling your own destiny and potential wealth building. Becoming a franchise owner means owning your own business, being your own boss, fulfilling your own aspirations, while still having financial, marketing, branding, and in-depth industry experience from a corporate team there to support you.

2. Low-investment opportunities. FirstLight Home Care is a low-investment franchise system as classified by the International Franchise Association (total investment of $100,000 or less). We have solidified relationships with third party lending institutions that know and understand our franchise system and the senior care industry. Along with low-investment opportunities, we also offer a discount for women and veteran owners.

3. The Senior Care industry is booming. Baby boomers are starting to retire, planning to retire or are currently caring for an aging loved one. The exponential amount of growth the industry has experienced just within a short amount of time, speaks volumes of the growth that awaits us in the upcoming future. Becoming a senior care franchise owner  is not just an ideal choice right now; it’s a smart choice.

4. At FirstLight Home Care, our management team is considered the most experienced team in the industry. Combine our management depth with an unwavering commitment to franchisee satisfaction (Franchise Business Review honors in 2012 and 2013 for Franchisee Satisfaction), and you have an exciting senior care franchise opportunity. If you’re going to invest in a franchise system, it’s crucial to invest in one that considers its franchisees high priority, and values their satisfaction, growth and prosperity as a critical factor.

The last two years have been difficult for many. Unemployment, access to capital, rising cost of living and more have been challenging to all of us. But in this country, after every recession, franchising has experienced incredible growth. Now may be the perfect time for you to invest in your future. Take the time to research the right franchise opportunity for you. To find out if a there’s a FirstLight franchising opportunity in your market, visit our Franchise Information Page.