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Saving Lives Through Social Franchising

For entrepreneurs, franchising is a smarter, more stable choice when it comes to viability and long-term growth and profitability. But, what if you’re looking for more as an entrepreneur than operating your own franchise and achieving satisfying growth and profits? What if, at the core of your entrepreneurial ambition, was the desire to truly help people; to save lives; to not only better your community, but also other corners of the world?

Social franchising is comparable to commercial franchising in terms of the business model; however, there are a few differences. Social franchising isn’t driven by profit, instead, achievement is determined by the amount of people who have been served or helped; (the number of people who now have energy in their home, food on their table on a routine basis, quality medicine and healthcare within their reach and available to them). The other difference between commercial franchising and social franchising is funding. Many social franchises are funded through grants, government organizations or sponsored by bigger organizations. Of course, social franchises hope to eventually be able to fund themselves independently, but for now, majority are funded through other organizations.

How social franchising works exactly is quite similar to a regular franchise system. Social franchises focuses on a specific areas, (mostly rural), in developing countries, (or within their own countries), and then build a web of local entrepreneurs within those territories. These entrepreneurs are the franchise owners who sell products and/or services door-to-door or from their home to their local neighbors. The franchise owners are given the tools to sell products and/or services, such as cell phones, laptops, computers, etc., by the social franchisor. Some social franchisees may actually operate from a physical office or location, depending on the service or product they’re providing to the community. For example, a social franchise who’s focused on providing local farmers with quality medicine and healthcare treatment will develop a system of franchise owners in that area who own and operate a local, small health clinic or store for that community. This type of franchising allows people suffering and dying in developing areas of the world to be treated and save, families are finally able to become vaccinated, adults and children in need of glasses have the opportunity to own a pair for reading, finishing school, or use for work.  This type of franchising truly changes lives.

Social franchising is a powerful idea that has already begun producing positive impacts on poor populations of the world. Imagine the possibilities if and when commercial franchising, (or “for-profit”) franchising has the ability or opportunity to get involved as well?

At FirstLight Home Care, we’re in the franchise business to better people’s lifestyles and quality of life as they age or recover from illness or injury. Imagine what we can do for seniors and those ill or injured in undeveloped countries in need of care and compassion. We believe with our continued growth, focused home healthcare compassion and service, client and franchise ownership satisfaction, that social franchising could be an avenue of growth for FirstLight in the future.

Have you always wanted to own your own business but uncertain of the risks? Have you considered franchising? If helping others in need is a deep-rooted passion of yours, we ask you to consider owning a FirstLight Home Care franchise, where providing compassionate, extraordinary care, to improve quality and fulfillment of life is our passion. Please visit our website, view our franchising opportunities, download our Franchise Information Kit, or sign up for one of our free, informational franchise webinars. You can also learn what our FirstLight Home Care franchise owners are saying about their ownership, and see what markets are available in your area for ownership. If you wish to speak with a FirstLight Home Care Franchising professional today, please call us toll free at 1.866.985.5348. Your passion for helping those in need is waiting for you!