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Recruiting Top Franchise Candidates

The recruiting process can be frustrating and confusing. How can you be sure you’ve found the ideal candidate or employee? Recruiting potential business owners and employees requires a similar process as far as searching for specific characteristics, however, the places in which you search and how you find each differs.

Recruiting franchise candidates and business owners:
Franchise candidates are potential owners, which means they could possibly be the face of the brand in their market. Make sure, as a person, their qualities, values, and morals line up with your brand, its image, and promise. Initially, you should write down what those essential qualities are and start with that as a foundation. Depending on the type of industry your franchise system is in, you may consider seeking candidates with specific backgrounds, or individuals that have personal experience or passion for the industry. Take time to get to know each candidate both personally and professionally. What are their goals and aspirations? What drives their passion? Why do they want to be an owner? Just as important as asking the right questions, is truly listening to their responses and allowing them to ask questions too. Making sure they are fully aware of their commitment, the training involved, as well as the time, energy, and stress of starting, owning and operating a business is essential.

Business ownership is a huge investment both financially and emotionally. Make sure they understand the full scope of responsibilities of being a franchise in your model. Writing out a detailed job description may help you, as an employer, realize what you’re seeking in a candidate, and as a potential owner, will allow them to understand what’s expected of them to continue brand performance.

Use benchmarked assessments to gain additional information on how your potential franchise owner may perform compared to others in your system already.

Have a well thought out and pragmatic due diligence process. You gain a lot of insight as to a potential owner’s skills and habits (responsiveness, follow through, attention to detail, etc.) though a well-designed investigation process.

Of course, once you’ve selected candidates, it’s prudent  to run background checks on each one. Based on credit and background checks, benchmark assessments, and a thorough franchise screening process, your candidate is now ready to begin the process of franchise ownership. Let the fun begin!

Recruiting Top Employees
Just like owners being the face of the brand, employees of franchisees play an integral part in brand development. They’re the front line, which is why it’s just as important for potential employees to possess the same qualities you look for in franchise owners. Do they believe in the quality and promise of the brand? Do they reflect the brand image in their attitude and behavior?

As an employer, this is why face-to-face interviews are crucial before hire. By sitting down and getting to know someone, listening to them, reading their body language; understanding them as a person plays an important role in the hiring process. Employers should already have a deep understanding of what the brand means and what types of employees reflect the brand’s values, promise and quality. Once you’ve grasped the types of people to search for, figure out which professional assets are necessary for the position, (this is where the process is similar between recruiting owners and employees). What skills will make an employee happy in your business and lead to customer satisfaction? What type of background experience do they have? How well are they invested in the industry? Why do they want to work in this industry? What fuels their motivation?

The hiring process is a cycle. It starts with the business owners. The right business owner will find the best employees for the brand because they’ve been trained to know what types of employees to look for, and they know what skills they need in employees in order to operate a thriving business. The biggest challenge is finding these unique individuals. Determine what types of channels these potential employees or candidates can be found in, (LinkedIn, memo boards at community centers, tradeshows, conventions, job fairs, etc.). Always have recruiting materials on hand should you happen upon a likely candidate. Of course, as a recruiting or HR manager, you should always have an eye out for talent. You never know when or where you’ll find your next best employee.

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