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Controlling Your Own Financial Destiny: Own A Franchise Business

Many people are currently working for someone else, yet longing to be their own boss by owning their own business. Others are recently retired and seeking a way to get back into a new line of work. Still others just might be looking for a change and a way to improve their lives – and enjoy the benefits of running their own franchise business.

Why Buy a Franchise?
The main reasons to buy a franchise are to minimize risk and enhance your chances of growth. Sounds good, right?

Statistics vary widely on the growth/failure ratio of franchised versus non-franchised startup businesses, but franchises invariably come out on top. With a franchise you know what you’re getting in to. With another business you may not. It’s simply a question of the “known” versus the “unknown.” What is known with a franchise is what to do, how to do it, and how much money you should spend doing it in order to run your business efficiently. When you buy a franchise, you buy an opportunity to own your own business, to control your own income, to govern your own financial destiny, and to reduce the risk typically associated with non-franchise start-up businesses.

Benefits of Franchising
A franchise system also generally offers:
• Training and support
• Volume purchasing benefits
• Start-up assistance
• Access to marketing and advertising programs
• Use of the franchisor’s business system

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