Our multi-unit senior care franchise opportunity is perfect for qualified investors who want to open more than one franchise. For many reasons, this is a sound idea, as it allows franchisees to provide help for more seniors, interact with more clients and more effectively leverage their initial investment. And you couldn’t ask for a better franchise to help you make a multi-unit investment – we’re recognized as one of the Top 50 Multi-Unit Franchises by Franchise Business Review! Here, you will find some basic information about what goes into opening multiple FirstLight franchises.

We provide quality home care to seniors, and right now there are more seniors than ever in communities across the U.S. In fact, it’s estimated that before long, older people will outnumber children. While there’s already a high demand for FirstLight’s services, that demand should grow even stronger in the near future as 10,000 people are turning 65 every day in the United States. That’s why now is a great time to take advantage of our multi-unit home care opportunity. Opening a single FirstLight franchise will help many seniors in a given area, but opening two or more can make you and your team the leading providers for senior home care in your area. Since you’ll already be putting the time into mastering our business model, why not make the most of the skills you’ll learn by opening multiple franchises? Or perhaps you’re already a multi-unit operator of another concept looking to find a way to diversify into another category in a meaningful business where you can make a bigger difference in your community than you already are. You can do so at a relatively low investment per territory.

Our multi-unit home care franchise opportunity allows franchisees to see greater returns on their investments while also saving money. Opening multiple franchises has the potential to increase those gains significantly. In fact, one third of all franchised units are controlled by multi-unit operators. Along these lines, FirstLight offers competitive discounts on our franchise fee when franchisees invest in one or more locations. Furthermore, franchisees are able to leverage our systems to cover operations in all of their locations – ask us how! These are just a few of the benefits of opening multiple FirstLight franchises. Consider also that the more locations you open, the more your reputation will grow throughout the area. As FirstLight Home Care becomes a household name in the communities you serve, you’ll be even more likely to attract new clients. As you can see, investing in multiple units is a win-win! Interested in learning what it takes to take advantage of our multi-unit in-home care franchise opportunity? Contact us today for further information!

FirstLight Franchisee Steve Rattner

What compelled me to partner with FirstLight was the extensive experience the leadership team had in the space. After meeting with several leading brands, FirstLight was the only brand that asked me why I wanted to be in this business—the others just wanted to talk about growth and financial opportunities. FirstLight was highly interested in whether or not I was a good fit for the culture they were trying to create, which was very important to me.

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