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Keeping In Touch – Client Care Access

caregivingMany of our clients must take care of their loved ones from a distance. Either your work or family keeps you in another state or you simply can’t provide day-to-day caregiving. However, you want to keep in touch with what is going on, to have your pulse on the quality of care your loved one is being provided.

That’s why one option is to hire a compassionate caregiver from FirstLight Home Care.  Your caregiver becomes like a family member, someone you know who will take care of your Mom and Dad almost as good as you. They communicate with you constantly, letting you know everything that is going on personally and medically. Our caregivers aren’t trying to replace you – they are pinch hitting for you!

Client Access: Without a doubt, long-distance caregiving for aging parents poses unique challenges. Although caring for an aging relative is a challenge in the best of times, it’s doubly so when it’s done across the miles. One of the most valuable tools that FirstLight Home Care provides is called Client Access.  This secure, Web-based tool lets you monitor the schedule and detailed care of your loved one. It provides the opportunity to submit feedback and unrivaled peace of mind from virtually anywhere you have Internet access.

Imagine receiving emails that specify what your Mom or Dad did that day, how they are progressing on their new medications, if they had a restful or a restless night, what the doctor said at their latest appointment, and even what book or magazine the caregiver is lovingly reading to them.

This level of personal care allows you to rest easier, knowing that your parents are being treated as independently as possible and with the utmost respect.

“Client Care Access was a godsend for keeping in touch,” said Cindy Hershey, whose 82-year old Mom resides in Arizona. “It was a way for me to keep up-to-date on my Mom’s progress and feel like I was in control of my Mom’s care, without being there all the time.”

Client First: Another unique tool that FirstLight Home Care provides is called Client First which matches  specific caregivers to your loved ones’ interests and habits.

“My Mom is a real spitfire and likes to go, go, go,” said Cindy. “She and her FirstLight Home Care caregiver like to go out to lunch and to the movies. Her caregiver is very outgoing and she loves the fact she knows how to play gin rummy!”

“My Dad is very surly and suffering from dementia,” said Roseanne Presnal, whose father lives in New Jersey while she lives in Colorado. “He can have a very mean streak and is prone to outbursts of yelling. His FirstLight Home Care caregiver is very patient and is amazing in calming him down. It helps to have someone who is used to helping clients with Alzheimer’s.

You have a lot of choices for long distance caregiving and a lot of tough decisions to make. Let the professionals at FirstLight Home Care reduce your stress levels and provide peace of mind.