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Internal Brand Building

What is internal brand building? It’s the process of constructing employee morale, developing their knowledge of the brand, understanding the brand and where it’s headed in the future, its mission, values, promise, and positioning in the market. Internal brand building creates a solid belief and passion in the brand among employees. Let’s be honest, it’s much easier and more enjoyable to go to work when you’re passionate about what you do and appreciate whom you work with.  Internal brand building creates that gratifying and advantageous work environment, which in turn, helps to build the brand and develop it to the strongest potential.

When employees show their confidence in the brand, consumers tend to trust the brand more or much easier. By making the brand personable, it becomes more human, more relatable to consumers. Remember though, brand building starts internally and works outward. Consumers will have a more difficult time believing in the brand if employees don’t whole-heartedly believe in it, or fail to display a thorough knowledge and understanding of it.  This is where Brand Education comes in to play.

Brand education is a good place to start with building employees’ trust and faith in the brand. Don’t assume that an employee only needs to understand the part of the brand that pertains to their specific work. A large part of brand education is communication. Allowing all employees to fully recognize the key role each employees’ job plays in the brand’s process, the difficulties and easier tasks for each department, creates an environment of solid understanding and appreciation for each other’s work. This process allows employees to respect and truly absorb the brand and what is necessary to produce the unique, valuable, strong brand that it is.

Brand education isn’t something one focuses on once or twice a year, but constantly. Markets change, consumers’ needs and wants evolve, creating ever-changing opportunities for brands to innovate and revolutionize themselves. Always continue to educate employees on the brand, its market(s), current target audiences and potential consumers. This way, the brand, as a whole, can stay on top of the market, become proactive in service and product forecasting, all while keeping employees motivated, fulfilled and satisfied with their work, as well as passionate enough to continue to pursue on-going brand recognition.

How brand education can help brand awareness? It used to be normal to not allow employees to discuss or vouch for the brand in a public setting, but now, with the strides in technology and social media, a positive opportunity is created for brands. Employees easily become brand advocates, creating tremendous traction for positive brand awareness via multiple advertising channels that consumers have easier and greater access to. Whether it s a brand’s Facebook page, Twitter, or blog post comment, employees have a stronger voice and viable opportunity to share their faith in the brand, to listen and respond to consumers, to observe and develop feedback about certain products, services, contests, special discounts, etc. that the brand is currently offering. When employees are able to directly connect with the brand and its customers, they are able to see how their work sincerely affects the brand’s bottom line. They understand just how much of a difference they make in consumers’ lives.

The best example we can think of when it comes to internal brand building and brand education is Google. A company who treats their employees as unique assets through outstanding rewards, benefits, competitive salary, added extras and perks that help maintain employee happiness and health, as well as continued career development opportunities and consistent brand education. Employees feel well taken care of and understand the difference they make in consumers’ lives everyday. Because of Google’s consistently strong efforts to ensure their employees are continually developing and evolving with the brand, Google is considered to have one of the strongest employee brand advocacies today.

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