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How To Use LinkedIn For Business

LinkedIn LogoSmall businesses can truly set themselves a part from the competition by optimizing LinkedIn effectively. Increasing brand awareness, searching for and discovering exceptional talent, innovative and creative advertising opportunities, collaborating with other business owners, entrepreneurs and industry experts for resources and advice, leveraging new business deals, and networking are all valuable tools at the disposal of entrepreneurs. What are a few simple and most impacting ways to utilize these tools to their fullest potential? We have a few ideas for you:

  1. Using keywords in your company’s profile page. This tip is especially handy for job seekers and business seekers. Choosing the appropriate key words in your company’s profile page, meaning the company’s description, skills, services, and any available jobs, allows potential employees, customers, and business candidates to find you through LinkedIn searches. Regardless of who’s searching, you want your company page to show up in these results, preferably the top results. The better the key words, the better the results.
  2. Start a group. A group is a great way to establish new connections within your industry, host important and helpful discussions on various topics and issues, allowing you to emerge as a leader and expert in your industry, as well as obtain expert advice and create more brand awareness for your business. Groups are also helpful when it comes to receiving solid feedback from employees and customers, and adds personal touch, as well as the opportunity to nourish professional relationships with employees and customers. Depending on whether your small business is nationally or locally focused, you could start a group based on other small businesses in your area; (they don’t all have to be within your industry). This creates a sense of community, as well as opportunities to make new connections in your market. Small businesses helping other small businesses.
  3. Post regular and significant updates. It’s good to attempt to post regular updates, but it’s even better if every one of those updates is useful and relevant to your business, industry, connections, employees and followers. Quality over quantity. It’s also okay to post a few “bragging updates,” as we like to call them, but no one likes a show off, so don’t overdo it. Posting important industry news, trends, issues, relevant articles and blogs is optimizing your company profile page in the best way possible. You will be helping your brand awareness and become known as an expert or “go-to” brand for advice, information and industry updates. Plus, LinkedIn has outdone themselves even more by allowing you to view analytics for each status you post for your company, (which can be found right underneath the post’s image). This analytical ability allows you to see what kinds of posts receive the most engagement, feedback and impressions. One of LinkedIn’s newest features allows you to post updates for your company and target specific audiences. ( By narrowing down the size of the company, location, industry, and positions, you can allow a certain type of audience to see a specific update.
  4. Recommendations.  Feedback from current and past employees, as well as others who have done business with you, are extremely important. It’s most likely that other businesses, consultants, and potential employees will read your recommendations to obtain a clearer understanding of who you are as a company, how you treat employees, customers, and how well you work with others.
  5. Measure your company’s page growth. LinkedIn provides a helpful measurement tool for your company’s page called, “Insights.” Use it. How will you know if you’re on the right path if you’re not measuring whether or not what you’re doing is working? Feedback and analytics are key and LinkedIn makes it very easy to review over the areas of your page that may need improvement.

LinkedIn is an excellent social media platform for businesses and professionals. Actually, it’s the platform to utilize for professional endeavors and career development. Businesses large and small should optimize this platform to its fullest potential; especially small businesses. LinkedIn, in a way, levels the playing field somewhat when it comes to small business versus larger businesses. If you’re an entrepreneur or small business professional, make sure your company profile page is up-to-date and that you’re using every opportunity to increase brand awareness and further your company’s growth. Check out FirstLight Home Care’s company profile page