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How to keep your franchisees prospering when they are essentially running their own business.

I’ve discussed before how franchising is very often a great opportunity for an aspiring entrepreneur. Franchising gives the aspiring entrepreneur the experience of starting a business, but with turnkey operations, a track record of growth, added training & support, and brand recognition. But, franchisees are totally immersed in running their own business—and rightfully so—-which makes it even more important to keep the support infrastructure strong to help them maximize their growth.

As a franchisor, you want to pull out all the stops to enable every franchisee to be prosperous and need to offer support systems to help.  A proven, prosperous franchisor should always be ready to help franchisees with marketing, advertising, training, technology, purchasing programs, operational guidance, mentoring and more. Franchisees should be able to look to the franchisor for help and guidance in every aspect of the product or service offered. The franchisor  continually enables mechanisms to share experiences, expert advice and best practices.

At FirstLight Home Care, two of the key benefits we provide to our franchise owners are continual training and support..  A pre-training module is provided to the new franchisee within 48 hours after signing the franchise agreement.  We then work together to complete an extensive 48-55 hours of pre-training work utilizing this same module as our collaborative guide. This enables our new franchisee to be fully prepared to make the most of our New Owner Training Week in Cincinnati, Ohio. Our  five days of initial training provides extensive hands-on roleplaying, group activities and adult learning interactions to build strong knowledge of the senior care industry, all aspects of our operating systems, and a comprehensive grasp of what makes FirstLight Home Care so unique in our service offerings.

A post-training module is provided after the New Owner Training Week is completed so to open the business with strength and confidence. This module helps to transition new owners from training and planning to operation and execution and is highlighted by on site, hands-on guidance from our business development & support team.  We also maintain a strategic weekly coaching  call series for the first 16 weeks following training—-and extend this if our franchisee desires. This is a process designed to provide added support at any time and create the collaborative communication so important to the mutual growth of BOTH the franchisee and the franchisor.

FirstLight Home Care ensures franchisees are supported continuously throughout their FirstLight franchise ownership. Our leadership team is committed to conducting ongoing visits to maximize growth opportunities, address any needs our franchisees may have regarding recruiting, networking, business planning, marketing or any topic to insure delivery of their growth.

From experience, we know the challenges our franchisees face in opening and operating their own business.  The pace is invigorating and exciting.  However, we also know ongoing support and guidance are necessary to help our franchisees to achieve their goals, build brand awareness of our services and be able to provide the very best level of care and services to every client and their families.