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How to Create a Potentially Profitable Franchise System

A prosperous franchise system is founded on key principles, integrity, great execution and a lot of hard work to build and support an operating system for the benefit of the franchise owners. As we’ve built FirstLight Home Care, there have been four core components to our foundation:

1) We believe in people. Enabling prospective entrepreneurs to explore our business, get to know them very well and confirm a path for mutual achievement. Our selection and qualification process is pretty rigid, but it only serves to reinforce our belief of “extraordinary people….exceptional care”. We firmly believe, know and see this is true in the people on our team as caregivers, team members, business owners and our provider partners.

2) Absolute focus on service quality and delivery of our services to every client, every family in every community every day. We have a strong, proven basis for our services. We are helping a whole range of clients and their families with the very highest level of service in the industry. We are passionate about service metrics, measuring our performance with every client and continually finding ways to provide a “wow experience” when any one has contact with FirstLight Home Care;

3) We pride ourselves on maintaining sound business practices with high integrity and ethical standards in every aspect of our business. Our reputation is golden to us—in every community, in every state all across the country—and we strive to insure our reputation and our brand stand for service leadership. We strive to simply “do the right thing” in all scenarios to deliver a great service experience to our clients and make a difference in peoples’ lives.

4) We are students of our industry and of service excellence. We monitor all aspects of the non-medical home care industry, as well as, other related industries as healthcare delivery is evolving. Healthcare, and even more specifically senior care, are industries in rapid change right now due to many factors. To be the service leader, continual and increasing knowledge must be sought to stay abreast of changes and opportunities to insure our highest achievement of present—-and future—growth.