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Home Care For The Holidays

The holiday season is busy for everyone, especially franchise owners-and even more specifically, FirstLight Home Care franchise owners. Why are our owners so busy?

  1. Changes in care schedules due to family visits, and special service changes due to holiday events and schedules.
  2. Increased inquiries, phone calls, emails-especially immediately after the holidays.
  3. Extra focus on service levels during a typically high-stress time of the year.

Part of the hustle and bustle of the holidays includes family visits. When family comes to visit their loved ones, care schedules tend to change. Maybe they don’t need as much care as they normally would without loved ones nearby, perhaps just daily medicine reminders, or only a few visits a week, instead of the usual daily.  It all depends on the type of service being received and what services are necessary regardless of family visitors.

Sometimes during the holidays families desire for their loved one to receive extra or special care, (especially if their loved one is far away and unable to be with them for family occasions). Added visits on holidays from our caregivers, specially prepared meals, -if there’s a special request or service needed from a client or family to make the holiday a little more special, we’re determined to go above and beyond, ensuring a joyous holiday. We ensure this devotion through franchisees, caregivers and staff giving their extra focused attention on each and every single request.

After the holidays, we always find there is a heavier increase of inquiries, service requests, emails and phone calls. This trend seems to occur after the holidays due to relatives visiting their loved one and realizing the need to either begin homecare services or to increase the amount of service in the home. While relatives visit they tend to notice slight or large changes in their loved ones behavior, uncleanliness, maybe their house isn’t as well-maintained or taken care of as normal. There can be subtle changes in daily living or traumatic changes. When these changes start occurring and family or client decides it’s time to bring in extra help or care, it’s normally right after the holidays. Today’s seniors wish to stay active and in their home for as long as possible, which is why homecare services are a first choice to many seniors and their families. So, we remind our franchisees to prepare for the “after holidays rush,” and to be sure we are responding quickly and effectively to each and every inquiry and service request or change. Especially those who are still considering other care options for their loved one; we take the necessary time to answer all questions and concerns that arise when considering homecare services. It’s important for franchisees to remember that this is often a huge step and change for both the senior and their family, and can seem scary or uncertain for both parties. Franchisees should answer all questions and concerns delicately, efficiently and thoroughly for each and every current and potential client.

It’s important for any franchise owner to prepare properly for the holidays no matter what industry they are in. Different industries must prepare differently. At FirstLight Home Care, we are dedicated to providing extraordinary service year round, as well as focusing a special attention to individual holiday service wishes for clients and their families. We believe that each one of our clients deserves the very best care, which is why our Culture of Care promise is so important to us, and sets our homecare service a part from others in our industry.