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Get (and Give) a Helping Hand with FirstLight

Senior home care professional holds senior's hands.

FirstLight Business Owners Get Top-Notch Training and Support

At FirstLight Home Care, we want to ensure our franchise location owners never have to go it alone. By providing solid, high-quality support and training from Day One, we enable franchise location owners to live out our Culture of Care, providing excellent care for seniors, fulfilling careers for caregivers, and an exciting, thriving business for themselves.

Senior home care professional holds senior's hands.

Opening a home care franchise gives business owners the best of both worlds. You get the independence of operating a business and managing your staff, but you don’t have to reinvent the wheel. Operational procedures, best practices, marketing materials and training are all part of the package. And ongoing support from the home office means you’ll have answers to the questions that are sure to arise.

What is FirstLight Training Like?

New owners start training within 48 hours of signing the franchise agreement. The pretraining module helps you hit the ground running, building on your excitement and commitment to care for seniors.

After you complete pretraining, you will participate in a five-day, immersive training at our headquarters in Cincinnati, Ohio. You’ll learn industry best practices and become conversant with FirstLight’s proven operating system. You’ll also make valuable networking contacts with fellow owners and home office staff.

Once you’re back home, post-training will help you transition from training to support with 16 weeks of weekly phone calls, plus two on-site visits within the first 60 days of opening. Our support team will help you address any questions or challenges you might face when getting your new business off the ground.

How Does Ongoing Support Help?

When you’re a business owner, it’s not uncommon for difficult issues to arise. As a FirstLight franchise owner, though, you can rest assured that difficult issues will be faced with seasoned professionals on your side. Our home office staff is a continual resource for all our franchise owners, and regular, on-site face-to-face visits will help address any concerns you might have.

FirstLight also proactively conducts ongoing training for location owners. Because licensure requirements for companion care and personal care are changing in many states, we are taking the initiative to guide owners to meet and exceed these changing requirements. This way, you will always be confident that your business is providing the highest standard of care to the seniors you serve. If you are looking for a career serving seniors but don’t want to go it alone, FirstLight Home Care would love to hear from you. We are always looking for potential business owners who believe in our Culture of Care and are passionate about caring for our elders. Contact FirstLight Home Care today to find out more.