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Franchising is a perfect fit for military veterans and their spouses

FirstLight offers incentives and support for continued service

Most veterans were born to serve. Owning a FirstLight Home Care franchise is a great opportunity for veterans to continue serving their communities once their military careers are complete.

The increasing number of seniors in the U.S. is driving demand for FirstLight Home Care services. The need for home care is crucial. Isolated seniors suffer from loneliness, depression and mounting health problems. We can address those problems, and we want the help of dedicated military veterans still intent on service. We even offer money-saving incentives to veterans who open and operate our franchises. Franchise Business Review recognized First Light as a top franchise for veterans.

So why are veterans a good fit for franchising opportunities? Here are five reasons why we want to leverage their strengths:

  • Veterans know how to learn a system and follow it. The FirstLight system is based on processes and metrics. Adhering to strict standards while still being able to think on your feet is key to operating any franchise.
  • Retired military personnel share a special bond. Some of our clients are elderly homebound veterans. Others are veterans needing home care after they were disabled in combat or in a war zone. A FirstLight Home Care franchise gives veterans the chance to help care for their fellow brothers and sisters who served under the flag.
  • Veterans are ethical and honorable in accordance with ingrained military codes of conduct. Those values are an integral part of our mission.
  • Veterans work hard, handle stress, and process it productively. Running and growing a franchise location takes long hours and a cool head.
  • Veterans are motivated to perform as part of a team and don’t hesitate to call in support. FirstLight gives broad support and provides resources for our franchisees.

If you are a veteran of the U.S. military, we want to talk to you about leveraging your valuable skill set to succeed as a business owner. Contact FirstLight Home Care today for more information on our franchisee opportunities. We want you to continue to serve.