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Franchising Is The Engine That Fuels The Economy

Franchise systems are fueling the economy in more ways than one and the benefits are creating a domino effect throughout.

People are reaping the benefits that franchising is producing for the economy and they may not even realize it.  Job creation is beginning to increase due to small businesses opening, expanding and growing. Small businesses, (like franchises), are truly the engine that drives the U. S.  economy. Small businesses (100 employees or less), are growing and opening at a higher rate than larger companies and corporations.  So, while corporate America may be downsizing, small-town businesses and franchises are continuing to thrive more, creating more career and job opportunities locally, nationally, and even internationally.

Due to small businesses growing and opening, investment is on the upswing as well. As these small companies grow, more equipment, machinery, office space and supplies are needed, which means more investment in the economy, creating a domino effect, as the increase in investments trickles down.

Of course, if you have franchises in your city or town, (which you undoubtedly have), this franchise location also helps to increase the tax revenue for your county or state, as well as create more local jobs in your area.

So, the question isn’t whether or not franchising is helping the economy; we know it clearly is. The question is-will it continue to aid the economy in the long run as well? The answer-Yes. There is currently a continual increase in service-related franchises now and will continue in to the future as well.  Service franchises are in major demand and the need for them will only increase.

The future of small businesses and franchises is bright. As mentioned before, Corporate America is downsizing, which means people are still being laid off or retiring earlier than they planned.  They’re looking for a career change and they’re determined to take control of their own destiny-this is where we come in. By becoming franchise owners, you’re becoming your own boss in a business with financial stability, proven track record and an established reputation and brand.

Another positive note on the impact of a FirstLight franchise, – we actually help lower healthcare costs and burdens of cities, states, and counties that we offer services to.   By helping to reduce hospital readmissions over time, FirstLight Home Care is able to decrease the amount of healthcare costs in a particular market. 

If you or someone you know would like more information on how FirstLight Home Care franchises are fueling the economy in your area and you’d like to be a part of the FirstLight family, please visit our franchise information website, download a franchise information kit), or call us at: 1.866.985.5348. We’re always looking for potential FirstLight Home Care owners!