A dedication to serving others that we all share.

When we founded FirstLight in 2010, we didn’t yet have a name for the kind of culture we wanted to create. We knew we wanted to give seniors, and everyone else who could benefit, a better option for home care—but there was something more to it than that. From the start, we have always been a company of listeners, helpers and good friends.

That’s where our Culture of Care comes from.

At FirstLight, we are all caregivers. Our team members care for each other. It’s the support and resources given to our leaders. It’s the training opportunities and acknowledgments given to our helpers. The high rate of satisfaction within FirstLight isn’t just a datapoint—it’s a way of life.

We have now grown to nearly 200 locations, all of which are franchised, and we’re still growing. Our team is happy, productive and achieving great things in communities across the country. Our clients are exceptionally well cared for, and their families are at ease.

Every year, we say that it’s an exciting time for FirstLight. It always is. No one else in the industry is doing what we’re doing, and that need for quality care we saw in 2010 isn’t going anywhere.

Our Culture of Caring is catching on.

We are




industry leaders

life changers