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Five Tips For Helping Employees With Aging Parents

Years ago, the case used to be that employees would need to take off time from work due to family, particularly children. That’s not the case anymore. Today, the number one reason for lost productivity in U.S. businesses is senior care, (Society Human Resource Management); employees are taking most of the time off work to take care of an aging parent or both parents.  Companies should be more aware of this growing responsibility among their employees and take the necessary steps to accommodate their needs.

  • Businesses should have a resource guide of options for them to consider such as, in-home care, memory care, nursing home, assisted living, rehab centers, and adult day care center information.
  • Listing contacts and options of approved or preferred companies in each of the above categories that are part of the company’s employee benefits would help eliminate stress when employees are attempting to figure out the right accommodations to make for their parents, as well as the financial outlook of each option.
  • Employees should be able to enquire if the company has “employee benefit dollars” to help pay for senior care services should the need arise.
  • Being a caregiver to a parent is a full-time responsibility and can be emotionally and physically draining. Companies should look in to types of recommended caregiver support groups that may be available for their employees to help ease their stress.
  • Recommend online resources or companies that give employees a free Evaluation of Needs Assessment for their aging parent. This way, they’re able to understand better the kind of care and attention their parent may need.

Today’s seniors are living much longer; because of this, US workers and employees are taking more time off to accommodate their aging parents’ needs and health. Businesses need to recognize this rapidly growing trend and address it by aiding their employees during this emotional and stressful time.