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Demand for In-Home Caregivers on the Rise

If you Google “in-home care” or “in-home caregivers,” you will find a number of articles that touch on the fact that although our current economy and unemployment rate are bleak, there is still a very high demand for in-home care.  According to Elizabeth Ecker of Home Health Care News, caregiver jobs continue to be in high demand, and the specific cities that are reporting a need to fill job openings include Chicago, Dallas, Houston, Atlanta, Miami, Denver and Seattle, among others.

So, why is this?  What makes this industry so resilient?

I’d like to share with you a blog that was written by FirstLight Home Care’s very own Jeff Bevis just about a year ago.  As I re-read what he had to say about homecare franchises and the recession, I feel that all is still very relevant.  Please see an excerpt below.

“The fact that people get sick and need care will remain regardless of an economic recession. Thus, it can be argued that the health care industry is near-recession proof. In addition to this, the population is currently aging, more obese, prone to unhealthy diets, and demand better health care. With 32 million Americans gaining access to health care coverage in 2014, the $2.5 trillion spend on health care (expected for 2011) is anticipated to increase dramatically in coming years. These health care industry statistics are compounded with the fact that 15 percent of physicians are expected to retire in the next three years. With this need for services, increase in industry revenue and loss of care providers, there is great opportunity for businesses willing to build and serve the growing health care needs of our population.”

“Another reason the health care industry is near-recession proof is that the jobs are not going to be outsourced. With record number of people entering assisted living facilities or choosing to receive home care – these positions will remain at home in the U.S. and the jobs that support the industry won’t be outsourced as long as people choose to live in the U.S.”

Although we are not in the depths of a recession like we were in 2009 and 2010, there are still many Americans out of work and a way to go before we can claim that our economy is thriving again.  It is during these times that many smart Americans are looking to find the industries that can withstand economic turbulence…industries such as the in-home care industry.

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