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Building A Communicative Relationship With Franchisees

One of the cornerstones to any relationship is trust; Trust in friendships, a marriage, and yes, franchise relationships.

Building a Trustworthy Relationship
Honesty, trust, technology and a solid team of field support staff are the foundation for strong communication between a franchisor and a franchisee. This relationship takes time to develop and strengthen, through several opportunities like face-to-face introductions, training sessions, meetings, conferences; any and all opportunities for the franchisee and franchisor to collaborate.  Over time, each will become more comfortable with each other due to consistent and stable communication and support between them. Field support staff must always show franchisees that they are an important priority in helping them in times of need; when franchisees are first opening their franchise, and any time there is general questions or concerns. Always ensuring availability in field support and through the corporate office defines a reliable, trusting relationship, as well as paves the road for franchisee achievement.

Forecasting Franchisee Needs
Building a relationship and maintaining it is crucial, but the franchisor must also strive to proactively know and understand what their franchisees need in order to grow. What areas do they need more information in compared to others? What are their main concerns or struggles while first opening their franchise? What areas of concern do they have after being in business their first year?? What are their specific market issues? What are their concerns or issues that can be forecasted and discussed to begin a proactive approach towards solving?

A Dependable Field Support Team
Be sure you identify a franchisor whose field support team is prepared and understands each step towards opening a franchise, as well as each stage after opening. A good franchisor is continually evolving with the market and industry, ensuring that each franchisee fully understands the evolving changes and what they mean for their franchise and clients or products as a whole.

Maintaining a strong line of communication isn’t just about communicating; it’s also about listening. As a franchisor, continually ask yourself, “Am I listening to my franchisees? How well am I listening? How often do I listen to their needs, concerns, accomplishments, or suggestions?” A franchisee’s favorable outcome lies in maintaining a strong relationship with the franchisor with an open communication mentality and flow. Meaning the franchisee must feel satisfied in the fact that they are being heard and their comments, concerns, suggestions and accomplishments are being addressed or implemented.

Maintaining a Team Atmosphere
Working as a team, building cohesive relationships amongst all franchisee owners and corporate employees plays a huge part in structuring a trustworthy relationship between the franchisor and the franchisees. If franchise owners are confident they are receiving adequate support from both the franchisor and their fellow franchisees, they will feel more comfortable with making suggestions and improvements to the franchise system, speaking up when they have a concern or question, and will feel satisfied and confident in their choice to become an owner with a stable, trustworthy franchisor.

Keeping lines of communication between the franchisor and the franchisee takes time, understanding, and the right approach by both parties. A healthy, communicative, franchisee-franchisor relationship is founded upon trust, patience, and understanding.

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