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Branding Strategies: Handling Brand Challenges

All businesses, large and small must manage their own brand(s). Businesses and their brands are unique. While each brand faces their own specific challenges, they also must master some basics first. So, what are some of the most basic branding challenges we face as business owners?

  1. Unrealistic Expectations. Today’s branding world is much more difficult and complex with several moving elements to keep track of and stay ahead of, especially in regards to social branding and digital strategy.  In order to handle any brand challenge, you have to be reasonable about what’s possible in terms of reach and expectation. Your brand won’t be an overnight achievement. With social branding, quality over quantity is key-just because you gained 300 followers in one day doesn’t mean anything if you bought those followers or if they aren’t serious followers or believers in the brand. Be sure to study and fully understand each brand channel you decide to use so you’re able to set realistic goals in terms of growth and reach. When you set unrealistic goals, you will be disappointed. It’s one thing to be ambitious and push yourself; it’s another to be unrealistic. Do your research and find that balance.
  2. Using the “we don’t have enough money” excuse. It’s easy to not allot a fair amount of budget for branding, especially when some of today’s marketing channels are still trying to figure out how to find ROI in their advertising and branding systems. Regardless, quit using the “not enough money” excuse. Balance your budget and be sure to allot necessary expenditures to continue to generate brand awareness? Building a brand is not just spending marketing dollars.  It’s a long term initiative and strategy that creates loyalty, sales, and extended opportunities.
  3. A bad brand attitude. Having the mindset of “nobody knows us so what’s the point?” is the worst attitude anyone can have towards their brand. Not many people may know of your brand starting out, but that’s why allotting for a branding and marketing budget is essential. Your brand awareness will never increase if you don’t even try. Triumphing over the negative mindset can be a challenge, especially when you’re just starting out, but try to remember that you get out of branding and marketing what you put in to it. Your brand awareness won’t blossom overnight. It’s going to take time, money and creative effort.
  4. Developing a reactive brand. The best example that comes to mind is Oreo’s 100th anniversary “Daily Twist” ad series ( To celebrate the brand’s 100th anniversary they created an Oreo ad based on the day’s most important news item each day for a hundred days. Talk about reactive branding! Quick branding that is very aware of current events, both within the brand’s industry as well as trends and news that’s happening around the world. A brand that’s on top of what’s going on today understands its audience(s) and how they feel about and interpret issues, trends, and events occurring. By focusing on developing a reactive brand that is strong in its tone and consistent throughout all audiences, the brand will have the potential to emerge as an industry leader. Keep in mind this development takes time, money, and creative effort as well. Be patient, diligent, and innovative and you can’t go wrong.

Branding for any company always poses various challenges. Marketers must have a sense of what customers need and want, and how the brand can deliver top quality product and/or service. Marketers have to understand the relationship between customers and the brand at all times. Having the ability to forecast what the customer will need before they realize they need it and delivering quality and experience together in such a way that it appeals perfectly to all targeted audiences is true expertise and takes time. These challenges are by no means easy, but they are possible to overcome and maintain growth. So, chin up and start brainstorming towards a better brand!

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