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3 MORE simple things you can do today to be a better boss!

business-quoteAs promised in my blog post last week, I have some additional tips to share with you about being a better boss.  Last week, the three simple tips that I shared were:

Good bosses…

1.)   Make A Personal Investment in Your Success

2.)   Use Mistakes As Tools

3.)   Involve You In Decision-Making

And here are three more simple, yet very effective, things that good bosses do.

  1. They Give You Enough Face Time: They stop by and say hello.  They stop what they’re doing and listen when you interrupt them with a question.  They make themselves available, in spite of a busy day.  When you’re speaking, they make you feel like an important person who has something to say.
  2. They Help You Set Priorities And Parameters: They are good at channeling your energy toward most relevant work for you and the organization.  Sure “everything’s important,” but they know your time and energy are finite resources.  They are careful not to burn you out.
  3. They Are Demanding About The Quality Of Your Work, But They Also Respect Your Need For Quality of Life: They don’t lose sight of the organization’s need for results, but they are sensitive to your personal and family commitments.  They keep your job demanding, but not based on sheer endurance.  They are flexible about your schedule, as long as your work is solid.

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